Monday, February 26, 2018

Raymond Academy Week at a Glance Feb 26-March 2

February Is Black History Month
Women's Heart Health Month

February 26th  - March 3rd
 Morning Duty Schedule:   Week: B
 Rotation: Week: B
 Social Skill: Accepting Differences
 Morning Announcements: Muniz

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February 1         Maria  Aldaco
                           Mirella Ramos
February 16       Brenda Sanchez
February 20       Petra Majano
February 23      Susan Klosterboer
February 25       Ermelinda Cabrera
                           Karissa Gutierrez
February 27       Maria Morales
February 28       Sara Price

 Monday, February 26th  
Writing Benchmark (K - 4)

Tuesday, February 27th
TELPAS Sample #3 (Free Writing) Due to Mrs. Moton
4th Grade Field Trip
Math at Mardi Gras (5 to 6:30)
Fire Marshal Visit

Wednesday, February 28th
Science Benchmark (K - 4)
Revising and Editing Benchmark (4th Grade)
Dyslexia Audit
TELPAS Listening and Speaking (2nd Grade)

Thursday, March 1st 
Revising and Editing Benchmark (3rd Grade)
TELPAS Listening and Speaking (3rd Grade)
4th Grade Field Trip
Staff Meeting  3:50 pm 

Friday, March 2nd
Math Benchmark (K - 4)
TELPAS Writing Sample # 4 (Expository) due to Mrs. Moton
Dr. Suess' Birthday 
TELPAS Listening and Speaking (4th Grade) 
Read Across America (K&1) Grantham Visits (10-12)
Lesson plans due by 6:00 pm

Saturday, March 3rd
Saturday School 
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March 02                     Math Benchmark (K - 4)
                                     Math Writing Prompt  (1st Grade Only)
                                     Dr. Suess' Birthday 
                                     Read Across America (K&1) Grantham Visits (10-12)
March 5 - 6                  Spring Book Fair
March 5 - 9                  Educational Diagnosticians Week 
                                    Texas Public School Week
                                     National School Breakfast Week
March 7                       Reading Benchmark (3 - 4)
March 11                     Daylight Savings Time Begins (Spring Forward 1 Hour)
March 12 - 16              Spring Break
March 19 - 23              Window to Rate TELPAS Writing Collection
March 27                     Grodecki's Bridal Shower (4:00 Pm in the LMC)
May 04                         Aldine ISD Film Festival (MOC Building) 

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