Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Raymond Academy Week at a Glance November 6-11

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November 6 - November 11
 Morning Duty Schedule:   Week: A
 Rotation: Week A
 Social Skill: Courtesy
 Morning Announcements: Lopez

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November 6      E. Mendez
November 9      C. Flores
November 12    E. Gutierrez
November 13    A. Zuniga
November 18    L. Gonzalez
November 23    J. Sampson
November 23    G. Fails
November 23    E. Marter
November 26    C. Massei

Monday, November 6
Bus Safety Week begins
Text Level Toolkits Prof. Development 4:00-6:00
Verify Time & Attendance from previous week
Project Saving Smiles Field trip 
Monday folders go home
Bil /ESL Teacher Meet with AP Garcia for Linguistic Accommodations  

Tuesday, November 7
Progress Report corrections
Boy Scout  Meeting 7:00 pm
Election Day

Wednesday, November 8
Write Away Folder completion date
Progress Reports go home
Wacky Wednesday

Thursday, November 9
Fall Pictures retake day
Staff Meeting @ 3:50

FridayNovember 10
AISD Health & Wellness Fair 9-6 @ MOC
Lesson plans due in Eduphoria by 6:00 pm

Saturday, November 11
Super Saturday Staff Development @ Aldine Middle school
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November 6           Text Level Toolkits Prof. Development 4:00-6:00
November 6           Project Saving Smiles field trip
November 8           Wacky Wednesday
November 8           Write Away Folders completion date           
November 8           Progress Reports go home
November 10         Coffee with the Counselor  
November 11         Super Saturday
November 11         Veterans Day 
November 13         Generation Texas Week
November 13         3rd Grade field trip lunch count due
November 14         A/B and Moving to C Readers 4:00-6:00
November 16         Curriculum Audit Classroom visits @ Raymond
November 28         Mc Teacher Night @ McDonald's


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2017-2018 Team Planning Days
Tuesday- Kindergarten, 1st Grade
Wednesday- 2nd Grade, 4th Grade
Thursday- 3rd Grade

Inline image 7 November 10th

Inline image 6 November 6-10

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