Monday, March 20, 2017

Raymond Week at a Glance March 20-24, 2017

Morning Duty Schedule: Week A
Rotation:  Week A
Social Skill:  Conflict Resolution
Morning Announcements: Ms. Williams

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March 1  Terry Broten
March 11 Lajohnia Bradberry 
March 22 Julyanna Leija-Meza  
March 24 Adriana Vazquez  
March 26 Lana Dubberke  

The ALDINE ISD Transfer Fair will be held April 22, 2017 at Davis High School.  

Employees wishing to attend the transfer fair must have a current application in Searchsoft with their principal identified as a reference. All transfer applications created before 3-9-17 have been expired.  A new transfer application for the 17-18 school year must be created. Verification of eligibility will be determined prior to entrance.   There is no need to preregister, only a current transfer application is required.

* Schedule Parent Conferences with parents of students with excessive absences/ tardies and failing or in danger of failing Math or Reading Avg.

*Pink Absence From Duty Form must be completed for ALL absences.  The form must be turned in on the day you return to work.

Monday March 20
Online TELPAS  (follow schedule) 

Tuesday March 21
Wear your favorite sport team jersey/shirt with jeans-"We are All STAAR's" 
2nd &3rd Rev/Editing Benchmarks
Online TELPAS (follow schedule)
Kinder PLC
First Grade PLC
Wednesday March 22
Dress as a nerd-"Be a Genius on STAAR"
1st grade Math Wtg Prompt BM
Math Mania (staff development) Sign up on eportal
Online TELPAS (make-ups)
Second Grade PLC
Fourth Grade PLC

Thursday March 23
Dress in camouflage-"Ready to battle the STAAR test"
Faculty Mtg/STAAR training
TELPAS Wtg Samples due to Verifiers
Third Grade PLC

Friday March 24
End of 3rd nine weeks (grades due Monday)
Wear Cowboy boots and Western Attire- "Stomp the STAAR Test"
Deadline to input Benchmark data in Eduphoria 
All Benchmark scantrons(make ups) to room 23 by noon  
Lesson Plans Due by 5:00 pm
Verifiers check Samples (24th-28th)

Saturday March 25
Saturday School

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3/27 Wear Super Hero Attire- "4th graders are Super STAAR's"
3/27-3/31 NO VISITORS (parents, family, friends..) Before, During, or Afterschool due to STAAR TEST
3/27 Grades Due by 4:00pm
3/27 Benchmark data due in google docs (Rdg/Wtg/Math)
3/28 STAAR Writing Test 
3/29-3/30 Teachers/Raters make corrections to TELPAS if needed
3/31 Formal Piece for 3rd nine weeks due in Write Away Folders
3/31 TELPAS Rater Roster Corrected Samples due back to Verifier
3/31 Report Cards go home

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Raymond Academy Intervention Times
Kinder 1:00-1:45
1st Grade  11:40-12:25
2nd Grade 9:00-9:45
3rd Grade 2:10-2:55
4th Grade 10:20-11:05

During Intervention Blocks, small group instruction must take place.  Students that are not in the small group with the teacher must be engaged in academic activities to reinforce learning.
No restroom breaks, no movies, no coloring activities, no running errands, no interruptions during Intervention Block.

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