Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Raymond Academy Week at a Glance 1/30-2/4/17

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Morning Duty Schedule:   Week: A
Rotation: Week A
Social Skill: Responsibility
Morning Announcements:Ms. Smith

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Mirella Ramos Feb. 1
Brenda Sanchez Feb. 16
Ermelinda Cabrera Feb. 25
Karissa Gutierrez Feb.  25
Brenda Menchaca Feb. 28
                                                                                                                                                Inline image 2
* Schedule Parent Conferences with parents of students with excessive absences/ tardies and/or failing Math or Reading Report Card grades.
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Checkpoint Test this week
Monday Jan. 30
Monday Folders go home
3rd & 4th Reading Checkpoint
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Fire Marshal Visit
Tuesday Jan. 31
Kinder PLC
First Grade PLC
Boys Scout Meeting
Math Mania
Science and Social Studies Checkpoint K -4th
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Wednesday Feb. 1
Second Grade PLC
Fourth Grade PLC
Writing Checkpoint K-4th
Thursday Feb.2
Third Grade PLC
Staff Meeting
Math Checkpoint K-4th
Friday Feb. 3
Lesson Plans Due by 5:00 pm
Saturday Feb. 4
Saturday School 
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Raymond Academy Intervention Times
Kinder 1:00-1:45
1st Grade  11:40-12:25
2nd Grade 9:00-9:45
3rd Grade 2:10-2:55
4th Grade 10:20-11:05

During Intervention Blocks, small group instruction must take place.  Students that are not in the small group with the teacher must be engaged in academic activities to reinforce learning.
No restroom breaks, no movies, no coloring activities, no running errands, no interruptions during Intervention Block.

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