Friday, December 9, 2016

December 5-December 9 Raymond Academy Week at a Glance

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December 5 - December 9
 Morning Duty Schedule:   Week: A
 Rotation: Week A
Social Skill: Honesty
Morning Announcements: Winfree

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Barbara Gray         DEC 05
Sarah Braun          DEC 07
Debra Lutkenhaus    DEC 08
Helen Christie        DEC 10
Tambra Gipson       DEC 11
Dwayla Cato         DEC 12
Kathy Gauche        DEC 12
Juana Masias        DEC 12
Gail Hall             DEC 15
Ellen Sarchet        DEC 16
Adela Sifuentes     DEC. 16
Dannyell Harris      DEC 20
Michele Soerlie      DEC 20
Arlette Garcia       DEC 22
Kristian Kirkwood    DEC 31
Tamika Moten       DEC 31
Maricela Garcia     DEC 31

Check Point Testing this week

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10 Days of Christmas begins!
We would love 100% participation.
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December 5
Monday Folders go home
CMCD for 3rd and 4th
Door Decorating Contest
Faculty Christmas Party Monies Due by 9:00 am
Snowman or snow flakes 

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December 6
Kinder PLC
First Grade PLC
Children's Museum Parent Workshop
Cub Scout Meeting @ 6:45

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December 7
Second Grade PLC
Fourth Grade PLC
SNAPP Social
Be an Angel Field Trip
Names of Classroom Party Helpers are due to your Team Leader
Jingle bells

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December 8
Third Grade PLC
Staff Meeting
Santa Claus
Math 2.6 Testing

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December 9
Lesson Plans Due by 5:00 pm
Math 2.6 Testing
Santa Pictures
4th Grade Field Trip Lunch count due
Grades due for Progress Report
Reindeer and Antlers

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December 10
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Dec. 12 Title I Parent meeting 9:00 am
Dec. 15 Data for 2.3 checkpoints must be in Google Drive (Yearlong Data at a Glance)
Dec. 16 Informal Science or Social Studies piece must be in the Write Away Folder on or before Friday
Winter Break Dec. 19-Jan 2
Jan 9 Spelling Bee
Jan 12 End of 2nd Nine Weeks

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Raymond Academy Intervention Times  
Kinder 1:00-1:45
1st Grade  11:40-12:25   
2nd Grade 9:00-9:45
3rd Grade 2:10-2:55
4th Grade 10:20-11:05

During Intervention Blocks, small group instruction must take place.  Students that are not in the small group with the teacher must be engaged in academic activities to reinforce learning. 
No restroom breaks, no movies, no coloring activities, no running errands, no interruptions during Intervention Block. 

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