Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14-18 Raymond Week at a Glance

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November 14- November 18
 Morning Duty Schedule:   Week: A
 Rotation: Week A
 Social Skill: Courtesy 
 Morning Announcements: Pearson

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Ashley Zuniga                November 13
Gracie Fails                    November 23
Erick Marter                    November 23
James Sampson             November 23
Cory Massei                   November 26

Generation Texas College Week

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Monday, November 14
Monday folders go home
Career Educator Assembly 8:20-9:50 in the Cafeteria
Superheroes Soar with Education
Magnet Tours
Tuesday,November 15

Kindergarten PLC 9:00
1st Grade PLC @ 12:25
Cub Scout Meeting @ 6:45       
New Teacher Meeting  
“Dress for Success” Day
McTeacher Night 5-8pm; 12350 Eastex Fwy
Magnet Tours
Vision and Hearing Screening 9-2 for Kinder, 1st and 3rd
Wednesday, November 16
2nd Grade PLC @ 8:05
4th Grade PLC @ 2:15 
College Shirt Day/ Club/ Sorority/Fraternity Organization Day 
Career Pics
Progress Reports go home
Magnet Tours
Vision and Hearing Screening 9-2 for Kinder, 1st and 3rd
Thursday,November 17
3rd Grade PLC @ 1:20
Staff Meeting 3:45
Thursday: “We Are Smarty Pants” Day
Chicken Club Kickoff 4th Grade
Magnet Tours
Friday, November 18
Lesson plans due by 5:00 pm
Hats off to College: Hat or Cap Day
Potluck Luncheon
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Saturday,November 19
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Nov. 30-Dec. 2 Teachers College Visit
Nov 29 & Nov 30  (9-2pmVision and Hearing Screenings
November 28 Math Monday 4:00-5:00 PM K-4 sign up by November 18th
Dec. 6 Children's Museum Parent Workshop
Dec. 7  SNAPP Social
Dec. 9 Santa Pictures

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Raymond Academy Staff Holiday Party
December 9, 2016
Don't miss the fun, purchase your tickets today!    

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Raymond Academy Intervention Times  
Kinder 1:00-1:45
1st Grade  11:40-12:25   
2nd Grade 9:00-9:45
3rd Grade 2:10-2:55
4th Grade 10:20-11:05

During Intervention Blocks, small group instruction must take place.  Students that are not in the small group with the teacher must be engaged in academic activities to reinforce learning. 
No restroom breaks, no movies, no coloring activities, no running errands, no interruptions during Intervention Block. 

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