Monday, April 4, 2016

This Week at Raymond Academy: April 4-9th

Don't forget to check your timecard by going to this website:  (Log-in is ID badge # and last 4 digits of SS#)  If there are any mistakes, contact Mrs. Maria Ramirez so corrections can be made.

April 4 - 9
Morning Duty Schedule:   Week: B
Social Skill: Perserverance
Morning Announcements: Dunevant

TEA On-Site visit begins
Monday folders go home

Grade Level Planning Meetings
Aldine ISD VEAC Meeting 2:00-4:00
Live Binder Training @ Raymond 3:45


Spring Open House 4:30-6:30 PM
No Staff Meeting
Lesson plan due by 5:00 pm

Magnet Field Trip to NASA
Saturday School 3rd & 4th Grade

April 4th                STAAR Alt Testing begins Room 44
April 6th                Raymond Open House
April 9th                Saturday School
April 12th              STAAR Parent Meeting
April 15th              Grade Transfer Day
April 16th              Saturday School
April 19th              AISD School Board Meeting
April 20th              Progress Reports go home
April 20th              Children's Museum Parent Workshop @ Raymond
April 22nd             2nd Grade Fieldtrip Main Street Theater
April 23rd              Saturday School
April 27th              Secretary's Day
April 29th              SHABE Banquet
April 30th              Saturday School

April 4      S. Soileau
April 7      Z. Kach
April 8      H. Skahn
April 18    C. Oziogu
April 19    L. Dunevant
April 22    S. Ramirez
April 26    E. Barboaza
April 26    D. Coney

Monday April 4th - Thursday April 7th STAAR ALT Testing will occur in Room 44. 2nd Grade students should use the Comfort Station restrooms located near Temp. 62. 2nd Grade students should not knock on the exterior doors near Room 44.  Please comply with the posted Testing In Progress and Quiet Zone signs.

Friday, April 15th INVEST Artifact binders are due to your INVEST Appraiser. Please remember to submit your Action Plan Reflection form INV6  along with your binder.

Students are not allowed to enter the Workroom or Lounge before, during or after school. (This applies to all students) Please don't send students to retrieve items from or place items in mailboxes. Please don't send students to purchase snacks from vending machines, retrieve items from the refrigerators or use the microwaves. Students can not accompany you to purchase snacks or to the mailboxes. The Raymond Workroom and Lounge are adult only areas.

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