Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week at a Glance: February 8th-12th

Don't forget to check your timecard by going to this website:  (Log-in is ID badge # and last 4 digits of SS#)  If there are any mistakes, contact Mrs. Maria Ramirez so corrections can be made.

February 8 - 13
Morning Duty Schedule:   Week: A
Social Skill: Accepting Differences
Morning Announcements: V. Muniz Room 61

Monday folders go home
Terrific Tuesday Staff Development Sessions 4:00-6:00 ASDC
Ash Wednesday
District Spelling Bee
Progress Reports go home
SNAPP Social
Staff Meeting @ 3:45
Deadline for completing STAAR Modules
Lesson plan due by 5:00 pm

No Saturday School
3-Day Weekend begins

February 10th        Progress Reports go home
February 10th        District Spelling Bee
February 11th        SNAPP Social
February 12th        STAAR Modules deadline
February 15th        President's Day Holiday
February 16th        STAAR Writing Release 4th Grade
February 16th        One Sight Eye Care Fieldtrip @ 9:30
February 17th        Mrs. Robinson, Lang. Arts Program Director classroom visits
February 18th        TELPAS Monitored Calibration
February 19th        TELPAS Monitored Calibration
February 20th        Saturday School 8:30-11:30
February 22nd       Raymond Food Drive begins
February 22nd       STAAR Math Release 3rd & 4th
February 23rd        STAAR Reading Release 3rd & 4th Grade
February 23rd        Math Pull-Outs 2nd Grade AM....Kinder PM
February 23rd        AISD District Spelling Bee
February 25th        Ms. Cea, Multilingual Program Director classroom visits
February 26th        Parent Lunches
February 27th        Saturday School
March 1st                STEM Night
February 16     Brenda Sanchez
February 20     Petra Mejano
February 25     Karissa Gutierrez
February 27     Krystal Auguste
February 28     Brenda Menchaca

Please do not plan classroom Valentine's Day parties. Parents will not be allowed to drop off or send cupcakes, cookies or other party food. Students will not be allowed to bring cupcakes, cookies or other party food. It is allowable for students to exchange Valentine's Day cards with their classmates at the end of the school day (after2:45). Do not allow your students to go to other classrooms to drop-off or exchange Valentine cards.

Monday Folders should go home each Monday for all Raymond Academy students. Whenever a holiday falls on a Monday, folders will go home Tuesday. Place flyers, notes, graded classwork inside the folders. Remind your students to give the folder to their parents and bring it back the next day.

Terrific Tuesday February 9, 2016  Staff Development sessions begin at 4:00. When you arrive at the Aldine Staff Development Center ASDC, please stop in the lobby. A Raymond Administrator will be there with our campus sign-in sheet. There will also be a  district sign-in sheet in the room where your session will occur.

Friday, February 12th is the deadline for completing the 2016 STAAR Modules. Please print your completion certificates and turn them in to Raymond Testing Coordinator, Mrs. J. Moton.  Please do not place the certificates in her mailbox or slide them under the door of Room 44.

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