Monday, February 15, 2016

Week at a Glance (Feb. 15th- 20th)

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February 15 - 20
 Morning Duty Schedule:   Week: B
 Social Skill: Accepting Differences
 Morning Announcements: Cruz Room 48
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February 16     Brenda Sanchez
February 20     Petra Mejano
February 25     Karissa Gutierrez
February 27     Krystal Auguste
February 28     Brenda Menchaca

Monday, February 15th
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Tuesday, February 16th
Monday folders go home
One Sight Eyecare Fieldtrip @ 9:30
4th Grade STAAR Writing Release Test 8:30
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Wednesday, February 17th
8:00-12:00 Lang. Arts Program Director Site Visit Kinder-1st

Thursday, February 18th
8:30 Statewide Assessment Security Training for Paras
TELPAS Monitored Calibration @ 3:45

Friday, February 19th
Lesson plan due by 5:00 pm
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Saturday, February 20th
 Saturday School

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February 16th        STAAR Writing Release 4th Grade
February 16th        STEM Night
February 16th        One Sight Eye Care Fieldtrip @ 9:30
February 17th        Mrs. Robinson, Lang. Arts Program Director classroom visits
February 18th        TELPAS Monitored Calibration
February 19th        TELPAS Monitored Calibration
February 20th        Saturday School 8:30-11:30
February 21st        Jump Rope For Heart begins
February 22nd       Raymond Food Drive begins
February 22nd       STAAR Math Release 3rd & 4th
February 23rd        STAAR Reading Release 3rd & 4th Grade
February 23rd        Math Pull-Outs 2nd Grade AM....Kinder PM
February 23rd        AISD District Spelling Bee
February 25th        Ms. Cea, Multilingual Program Director classroom visits
February 26th        Parent Lunches
February 27th        Saturday School

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Inline image 3Continue to allow your targeted LEP students access to Imagine Learning.  Imagine Learning is a district intervention for LEP students to improve English Proficiency levels.   

Inline image 4  Please review the Raymond Academy Handbook to refresh your memory regarding the following procedures: Leaving early, calling in sick, AESOP, arriving late and punching in and out. (pages 4, 5 & 6)

Inline image 5 The following days will be practice STAAR Test dates. February 16, February 22 and February 23. It is very important that the testing atmosphere is quiet so our students can concentrate and do their very best. Thanks for being flexible and using alternative routes to Rotation classes and not using restrooms near testing locations.

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