Monday, January 11, 2016

Week at a Glance (Jan 11-16th)

Don't forget to check your timecard by going to this website:  (Log-in is ID badge # and last 4 digits of SS#)  If there are any mistakes, contact Mrs. Maria Ramirez so corrections can be made.

January 11-16
                Week: A Morning Duty Schedule
Social Skill: Responsibility
Morning Announcements: E. Marter Room 36

Science Writing Prompt Benchmark 1st-4th
Monday folders go home
Math Benchmark Kinder-4th
Reading  Benchmark Kinder-4th

8:00 am  Harris County Fire Marshal visit
End of 2nd Nine Weeks
Lesson Plans due by 5:00

District Staff Development Day....will be held at Raymond Academy.
Hours: Paraprofessionals  7:00-3:30,  Teachers 7:45-3:30
Breakfast will be provided 7:20-8:00
Lunch is on your own.....45 minutes.......Please bring your own lunch or have food delivered. Raymond Staff members will not be allowed to leave campus on District Staff Development Day.

Holiday weekend begins!

January 12th          AISD School Board Meeting @ 7:00 PM
January 14th          Coffee with Counselor
January 14th          End of 2nd Nine Weeks/1st Semester
January 15th          District Staff Development/Student Holiday
January 18th          Martin Luther King Holiday
January 19th          Grade Transfer Day
January 19th          3rd Nine Weeks begins
January 22nd         Raymond Bilingual Spelling Bee
January 25th          Report Cards go home

January 11th        Maia Jones
January 11th        Adrienne Rose-Pearson
January 15th        Jacqueline Payne
January 17th        Maureen Marroquin
January 19th        Relia Barker
January 26th        Gloria Fuentes
January 29th        Juan Navarro

1st Semester Benchmark Testing will continue January 11th. Please continue to encourage your students to come to school each day and arrive on time.  Thanks to everyone for adhering to testing procedures each day. Great Job!!!

Please continue to conduct face-to-face Parent Teacher Conferences with the parents of each student in your class.
If you are having difficulties reaching parents, consult with your INVEST Appraiser for guidance.

The Harris County Fire Marshal will inspect Raymond Academy January 14th. Please continue to prepare your classroom for the inspection. (no extension cords, clear pathway to door, no paper on classroom door, fire exit map posted....) Mr. Isaac is checking rooms and providing feedback. Please take care of any concerns promptly.

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